Northern Gulf Partners is a leading investment firm and financial advisory services provider in Iraq. Since its inception NGP has been dedicated to providing the primary bridge between Iraq's best businesses and the world's leading investors. NGP provides world-class investment professionalism in Iraq, linking global capital to the finest opportunities in this remarkably promising economy.

NGP's management has had a presence in Baghdad outside the International Zone and throughout Iraq since the firm's establishment in 2008. Working from our offices in central Baghdad, we derive our core advantage from market presence and insight. We possess unique access to Iraq's markets and decision makers. Our clients, partners and counterparties are the country's leading business families and most dynamic entrepreneurs. We enjoy strong bi-partisan relationships at every level of most relevant United States Government agencies. We have been operating closely with the political leadership of Iraq and of Iraq's Kurdistan Region for over a decade.

Our investment philosophy focuses rigorously on three variables: exceptional management, sustainable competitive advantage, and strong market growth potential. Our investment activities include direct investment and private equity, long-biased asset management in Iraqi and Iraq-related public securities, and real estate. We also provide investment banking advisory services, including corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, and market entry.