NGP fund named world's best emerging markets performer in May 2019

June 28, 2019

Hedge fund industry journal Alpha Week is reporting that in the month of May 2019, Northern Gulf Partners’ investment fund Iraq Investment Partners I (IIPI) was the world’s best performing emerging markets hedge fund according to data compiled by the BarclayHedge Global Hedge Fund database.  IIPI increased 13.57% net of all fees during the month.
Portfolio manager Bartle Bull says, “IIPI is one of the few investment vehicles focused on the Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX). IIPI provides best-in-class access to the potential of Iraq’s growing economy and capital markets through a selective portfolio of Iraq’s best public companies, managed by one of Iraq’s most experienced investment teams. Drawing on our unique history and access in Iraq, our advantage derives from deep knowledge of ISX companies, their owners, regulators, and customers. The ISX is a fraction of the size of equity markets in neighboring economies with comparable, or lower, levels of resource wealth.”
The purpose of the Fund is to provide investors with trusted and efficient access to Iraq's extraordinary wealth and economic growth prospects. Advantageous access to the market is an important part of the fund's offering. The ISX can be bureaucratic, illiquid and expensive. The Fund provides simple entry. NGP’S full-time Iraq focus increases liquidity alternatives, raises counterparty accountability, and provides intensive research and monitoring in this ever-changing and frequently opaque market.

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